About Us

Three Sisters Collective was founded in Spring 2017 by three local Pueblo womyn in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 3SC is led by Pueblo womyn, for Pueblo People and the greater communities that we come from. Through the arts and activism, we strive to address social and environmental injustices and counteract oppression our communities have internalized. Our projects are collaborative, inter-sectional formats of expression and community action. Our vision is to reclaim and celebrate Pueblo Indigenous identity and culture through the arts and activism. 

The Collective

Dr. Christina M. Castro (Jemez Pueblo/Taos Pueblo/Chicana)
Christina resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico within her traditional homelands. She is a mother, writer, scholar, and organizer. She received her Doctorate in May of 2018 from Arizona State University’s School of Social Transformation & Justice Studies.

Autumn Gomez (Comanche/Taos Pueblo)
Autumn was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM. She grew up experiencing the ways of her people in Taos Pueblo and throughout ancestral Comanche territory. Autumn attended the Institute of American Indian Arts and began organizing within the student body and collaborating on a long term jewelry and fashion project called The Soft Museum. This work led to design opportunities with Beyond Buckskin, Meow Wolf, and Paul Frank. Since then, her projects have become community oriented, focusing on empowering femmes of color in Northern New Mexico and engaging indigenous youth in leadership and community building. Presently, she is focused on becoming a full spectrum doula. Autumn’s interest in birthwork comes from her relationship with her maternal grandmother and her passion to reclaim indigenous knowledge.

Autumn Rose Billie (Acoma Pueblo/Taos Pueblo/Diné)
Autumn is currently studying Film and Media Production at Arizona State University. Autumn takes an interest in storytelling in various mediums like theatre, photography and digital cinematography. As an activist, she aspires to utilize filmmaking and community organizing in meaningful ways to uplift and strengthen the well being of Indigenous people and other marginalized folks in her communities. She’s passionate about intersectional issues and loves baking.

Carrie Wood (Diné)
Digital Manager
Carrie lives in Santa Fe, NM with her two kids and husband where she works as a software engineer. She began working with 3SC in 2018. Carrie manages the website as well as a variety of other tech related tasks. She has a BS in Engineering Management and an MS in Systems Engineering. She volunteers with STEM Santa Fe and at her son’s school as a PTC board member.


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