Please join us for our second annual MMIWGT2S Day of Awareness Run. The live event will be Sunday, May 3 @ 10am MDT, via Zoom. The event will be recorded and uploaded to our website for anyone who cannot make it at that time.
If you are interested in participating but cannot make it to the live event, we encourage you to watch the recording at your convenience by May 5. Tag your participation with the hashtag #RememberMMIWGT2S and we will share.
We have invited guest speakers to share the work they are doing in addressing the MMIWGT2S epidemic as well as information on how you can get involved.
We realize that not all will be able to go out and run due to physical and/or pandemic imposed limitations so we encourage doing any form of movement that works best for you. Also please remember to practice social distancing when in public and increase your distance from others to 15’ if you are running, jogging, or speed walking.
Hope to see you Sunday!

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This digital space is dedicated to highlighting badass Indigenous/Native American folx and comrades who pursue their dreams and goals, are committed to building strong communities, and share the same love for the arts and social/environmental justice. We uplift and inspire one another to continue on our highest paths. We appreciate our similarities and celebrate what makes us unique. We hope to share our knowledge and extend a welcome into some of our Pueblo escapades for decolonization and healing.   

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